Weft extensions are great for adding both additional length and volume and they are suitable for nearly all types of hair that are around shoulder length and longer. Another great thing about using wefts is that they are very quick to install and remove, a full head of hair extensions can take around an hour.

Adding hair extensions in this way creates the look of very full hair which lies smooth and blends seamlessly with your own hair without the need for lots of attachments. Many clients find these methods much more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain than other extension methods which makes them so popular.

Braid-In Weave

Braid-In Weave


Very similar to beaded sew-in extensions but eliminates the hassle of thread breaking or coming loose. Your own hair holds the weft in place, resulting in longer lasting extensions. This can be done on all hair types and is much healthier for your hair than older methods.

Flat Tracks

These are sewn into a thin section of your hair, a process that causes no damage to your natural hair. These lay flat on the head, and are very comfortable to wear. Easy to maintain and blends very naturally with your own hair. The hair can be reused multiple times, saving you time and money and therefore makes it one of the most affordable methods.